Asian Hertiage Discovery

Tour highlights

Discover and enjoy the exciting sights, sounds, and tastes of Southwest Houston's diverse Pan-Asian community.

  • Tea Tasting & Herbology

    Sip freshly brewed tea while learning to brew the perfect cup of tea. Distinguish among exotic varieties of tea. Also, discover the health benefits of herbal remedies.

  • Chinese Calligraphy

    The art of Chinese calligraphy is practiced by skilled artists and takes many years to perfect. Each guest is encouraged to try his/herhand at writing simple Chinese characters. Receive a souvenir of your name written in Chinese calligraphy!

  • Dim Sum

    Pick and choose from any piping-hot appetizer portion dishes presented on carts wheeled around the banquet hall, from turnip cakes and mango pudding to paper chicken.

  • Traditional Market

    A shopper's paradise of unusual finds! Visit the largest indoor Asian shopping mall in the southwest. There are over two dozen stores amidst a landscaping of lily ponds and fountains.

  • Temple

    Be “enlightened” on the practice and teachings of Buddhism at a Buddhist temple! Guests may light incense and give offerings of paper money and fruits to their ancestors.

  • Shao Lin Kung-Fu

    Guests may take an introductory class in Shao Lin Kung-Fu. Shao Lin first developed in the third century in Shao Lin temples in remote areas of China. As the style grew, other forms such as Tai Chi were absorbed and incorporated.